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Investing In India

India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economy’s in the world and has become a major hub full of investment opportunities, helping to drive prosperity domestically and promote international growth.  The Government has made several internal changes to various sectors, amending regulatory policies and establishing “Make in India” (launched by the prime minister 2014), in order to transform the Country into one of the leading global design and manufacturing hubs. With Foreign Development Investments flowing in from all around the world India is clearly a target for becoming the world’s most powerful economy. India is set to rise as an economic power with a great, prosperous future.

GRRE has a specialist business division focused on its Indian operations. Our approach is built upon deep rooted knowledge and contacts across the Indian market.  Our main driver for implementing certain technologies into India is via close collaboration and JV partnerships with established technology platforms and developers.

Our immediate focus is on an innovative range of water-remediation and purification technologies, including chemical-free cleaning technologies and advanced desalination technology, utilising the first of its kind ultra-fine bubble technology. Projects are currently in advanced testing phases awaiting rollout through India