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Who We Are

The GRRE Investment Fund was established in 2012 as an offshore Protected Cell Company. Since the launch of GRRE the group has grown and migrated into a regulated investment fund in the British Virgin Islands with one of the group’s entities, GRRE Invest Limited, obtaining status as an Approved Investment Manager.

The Group has retained the same team adding various consultants and advisors to its network, the investment strategy has remained in the clean-tech energy sector and has broadened its scope of projects including Eco-property in the UK where the team see a huge demand to use cost effective materials in modern day developments.

Our Approach

Detailed due diligence forms the basis for all investment decisions. Our approach is global as renewable energy is now truly a worldwide industry. Prior to the release of any investment funds, the projects selected by the directors and investment manager will undergo an extensive technical, financial and risk assessment process. The fund invests in established companies holding pre-assigned projects with proven technologies to help significantly reduce project related risks.