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Investment strategy

GRRE’s approach is to achieve consistent returns coupled with capital growth by investing in projects within the clean-tech energy sector. The team monitor existing investment projects while adding to the fund’s portfolio by looking to bring in diverse investment opportunities globally, this strategy will de-risk the overall portfolio of the fund by keeping the range of projects diverse.

The Funds main focus for investment is in eco-housing, waste to energy and biomass including a range of diverse investments applying our socially responsible investment criteria. When entering investments GRRE will also look to participate in the licencing and royalties of future projects using certain technologies with the Fund’s working partners in taking equity in the intellectual property rights. These will be chosen by the directors and Investment Manager on a discretionary basis. To maximise returns investors should look at the investment for the medium to long term.

GRRE’s investment strategy

  • Particular focus on UK eco-property development projects
  • Clean-technology and renewable energy projects, worldwide
  • Mix of operational companies alongside development stage projects
  • We invest in companies with exciting proprietary technology with strong IP protection
  • We look for companies / technologies operating in high growth, global markets
  • Proven management teams with relevant sector experience
  • Proven technology – beyond prototypes and proof of concept stages
  • Active role to oversee management on all investments

GRRE is currently engaged in a selection of eco-property development, clean technology and renewable energy projects, worldwide. We are primarily asset focused, with particular future emphasis on UK based eco-property projects, combining traditional asset backed property investments with the latest renewable energy technologies, alongside standalone waste to energy projects, waste remediation and clean technologies.